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UXPin Introducing: UX Documents Creator


If you’ve visited your UXPin dashboard recently, you probably noticed that this button:
UXPin - upload documents

is now this button:
UXPin - create or upload ux documents
It’s because we added some cool functions :) That’s right – not only you can upload documents to your projects, you can also create them within UXPin! You don’t need to switch between text editor and App, or re-upload every time a document was changed, or try to check how business model canvas looks like, beacause that’s already in the App.

So here’s a sum up of how you can work with project documentation in UXPin, starting from new features:

  • (new!) Create new Persona
  • (new!) Create new Project Canvas
  • (new!) Create Business Model Canvas
  • Upload any documents in pdf, jpg, png, doc, ppt without any storage limit
  • Annotate, create iterations and share all your documents

Let’s see the new UX Documents Creator feature in action!

And if you need to take a closer look, here’s some tasty screenshots of new features waiting for you in UXPin:

UXPin - persona creator preview

Project Canvas
UXPin - project canvas creator preview

Business Model Canvas
UXPin - business model canvas creator preview

So log in to your account or start a free trial and try it out!

All the best!

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