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The User Experience Three. Handpicked 07/17/2013


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1. 7 Actions that Earn User Trust

An article just packed with user experience design takeaway. Learn practices of designing for trust and not letting your UX violate the users expectations about the brand.

2. In Defense of Floppy Disks: The Vocabulary of the Interface

‘It’s better to have 80% of users see the floppy disk, dig back into their memories of childhood technology and connect to this image as representing the act of saving, than have 100% of users see a downward facing arrow and wonder what it means.” Our vocabulary elvoes but what about our visual language? If you ever wondered if people still understand what floppy disc icon stands for read this study (indeed, librarians are curious people;)).

3. Trending on Twitter

Prepare for the next wave of innovation: real-time analytics and improved user experience.

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